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“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Hooray Health & Protection are one of the only brokers who give their knowledge away for free. We’re passionate about growing the industry, not hampering it’s growth by not sharing our knowledge.

Family Health Insurance

Protecting your family with Health Insurance

Although it is not a nice thought, throughout the course of our lives it is…

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A Guide To Buying Employee Life Insurance

A Guide to Buying Employee Life Insurance

Employee Life Insurance currently protects over 9.8 million people in the UK for death benefits…

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Supporting Your Employees Mental Health

Supporting your employees mental health

The importance of looking after our mental health is, from an individual point of view,…

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A Guide To Buying Group Income Protection

A Guide to Buying Group Income Protection

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Group Income Protection is one of, if not the, most sought-after insurance benefit…

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Do Employee Insurances Cover Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Do employee insurances cover pre-existing medical conditions?

As many people are aware, when taking individual protection policies such as life cover or…

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How To Support Wellbeing In The Workplace

How to support wellbeing in the workplace

When we consider our lifestyle, and how it affects our wellbeing, we often forget that…

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Group Life Insurance Providers Review

Group Life Insurance Providers Review

At Hooray we pride ourselves in being a whole of market insurance brokers, which means…

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Why Is Group Income Protection Important

Why is Group Income Protection Important?

Group Income Protection is one of the lesser-known insurances, so we often get questions about…

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How Group Risk & Health Insurance Can Support Staff During COVID-19 Pandemic

How Group Risk & Health Insurance can support staff during COVID-19 pandemic

As COVID-19 forces all of us to think more carefully about our health, we need…

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