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“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Hooray Health & Protection are one of the only brokers who give their knowledge away for free. We’re passionate about growing the industry, not hampering it’s growth by not sharing our knowledge.

Startups Global Employee Benefits

How can start-ups deliver employee benefits when employing abroad?

Breaking into the international talent pool can be daunting, especially when it comes to supporting…

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Health Insurance Jargon

Tripping up on health insurance jargon? Key terms you need to know!

The world of health insurance can be overwhelming to a newcomer. Even if you’ve been…

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HP Awards 2023

Hooray strikes twice at the UK Health & Protection Awards 2023!

The Hooray team once again made their way up to the Hilton Park Lane in…

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Online Benefits Platforms

A beginner’s guide to employee benefits platforms

Struggling to organise and provide employee benefits to staff? Employee benefits platforms could be what…

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Outrageous Employee Benefits

5 outrageous employee benefits offered by global companies

Companies of all sizes strive to go above and beyond with their employee benefits packages…

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Mental Health Strategy

Build a mental health strategy in 5 easy steps

One in six UK workers are affected by mental health problems like anxiety, stress, and…

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Gym Membership Employee Benefit

How to offer gym memberships as an employee benefit

We all know that regularly going to the gym can get you feeling healthier, happier…

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