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What do employees think about work today? New PwC survey reveals all

What Do Employees Think About Work Today? New PwC Survey Reveals All

A whopping 52,000 workers across 44 countries were quizzed in PwC’s 2022 Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey – and they had a lot to say about the culture of work today. Many issues were discussed including the nature of workplace conversations, the need for upskilling and how money isn’t everything when it comes to increasing staff loyalty.

This article reveals some of the key findings, plus considers the role of employee benefits in creating an attractive (and productive!) workplace culture.

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Talking politics: is it toxic or empowering?

PwC’s report began by discussing how politics and social issues are being more talked about in the workplace. 65% of employees said that these conversations on political and social issues are happening “frequently” or “every now and then”.

This number goes up to almost three-quarters (73%) for ethnic minorities, and 69% for younger staff members.

But does this commitment to discussing what could be divisive topics, really bring a benefit to the workplace? Those in favour reported the following benefits:

  • They grew a better understanding of their colleagues
  • It promoted a more open/inclusive work environment
  • It increased empathy throughout the workplace

It certainly goes against the traditional view that politics is best left out of the workplace. And yet, a large enough minority of people had been made to feel uncomfortable by such discussions, with drawbacks including:

  • Feeling reluctant to share their opinions
  • Feeling increased stress at work
  • Making it more difficult to work with people of different views

Clearly, it’s a mixed picture! It’s inevitable that political and social issues will be discussed to some degree – particularly when they become ‘water cooler’ moments.

The skills gap: is it time to develop from within?

Up next, PwC investigated how much the skills gap still needs to be bridged. Only 40% of employees said their company is upskilling, with just 26% saying their employer is enhancing work through technology.

This appears to be an open goal for employers at a time when the talent pool is shallow. If you can develop your own talent from within, you can help improve retention and fill any talent gaps internally. Plus, you’ll gain a reputation for a company which provides opportunities for career progression.

PwC broke this focus down for us, revealing what employers are doing to combat this issue.


  • 40% are upskilling workers
  • 33% are increasing pay
  • 29% are supporting workers with physical & mental wellbeing
  • 26% are enhancing via technology


  • 25% are widening recruitment to include more diverse workers
  • 24% are recruiting workers with lower qualifications/less experience
  • 20% are outsourcing work to third parties
  • 20% are hiring qualified employees from overseas

Staff retention: is meaning as important as money?

Now, this section of the report really stood out to us as employee benefits brokers – money simply isn’t the only route to keeping your teams happy! Enter employee benefits to target wellbeing.

Following the ‘Great Resignation’ trend over the last couple of years, it has become more common for employees to switch jobs (1 in 5 said they are extremely/very likely to switch). So, what is the secret to getting your workers to commit to you and your company?

In comparison to other respondents who would stay at their jobs, employees who would switch up are less likely to:

  • Find the job fulfilling (by 14% points)
  • Be their true self at work (by 11% points)
  • Feel fairly rewarded financially (by 9% points)
  • Feel their team genuinely cares (by 9% points)
  • Feel their manager listens to their needs (by 7% points)

Employers need to provide fulfilling work and ensure employees can be their authentic selves. Managers must have the ability to show employees where their efforts are contributing (your overall business goals) so they feel they are a vital part of the business.

(Our list of employee benefits and recommendations to help you achieve this is in the section to follow.)

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Hybrid work: can you meet employees in the middle?

Hybrid and flexible work has become normality over the last couple of years, with many potential employees expecting the option as when looking for a new job.

The popularity of remote work is still constantly changing. Only a quarter (26%) of PwC respondents want to work remotely full-time, with 18% of those saying their employer is likely to adopt the full-time model.

Almost half (45%) of employees who work onsite full-time reported less satisfaction with their job compared to their fully remote and hybrid colleagues.

Interestingly, 63% of respondents said they expect their company to offer a flexible approach in the next 12 months and 62% said this would be the preferable option. Maybe offering staff choice and autonomy over where and how they work is the way forward…

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Finding the right employee benefits to help address employee needs

There’s one thing the report doesn’t mention: the importance of employee benefits in creating a workplace culture of which everyone wants to be a part. Here, we’ve listed those benefits available to UK businesses.

Employee benefits & insurance schemes that protect staff wellbeing:

Workplace perks/initiatives to create the best environment possible:

  • Employee discount schemes
  • Financial education programmes
  • Covering travel costs/commutes
  • Offering flexible working options
  • Offering a range of healthy living benefits e.g., gym memberships, counselling sessions, fitness classes, cycle-to-work schemes

Finding the workplace perks which best support your staff is an essential part of running a successful business. You can find more ideas in our recent blog post: 23+ work perks which help keep employees healthy & happy

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