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7 of the best employee discount schemes you’ll find today

7 Of The Best Employee Discount Schemes You’ll Find Today

Everyone loves a bargain. And your hardworking employees are no exception. That’s why many companies choose to reward their staff via employee discount schemes.

Thanks to digital technology, there are easy-to-use platforms that specialise in providing employee discount schemes via mobile app and/or desktop computer.  Most of these services also provide access to a wider range of benefit schemes above and beyond discounting. For example, they may offer health insurance, access to GPs, cycle to work schemes and other perks.

In this article we outline 7 of the best employee discount schemes on the market for UK businesses.

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Thanks Ben

Thanks Ben have focused all their energies into creating a supremely simple rewards and discount scheme which is accessible via the Thanks Ben mastercard and app.

Why Ben?

  • Easy to use app
  • Savings on hundreds of brands
  • Up to 10% off all major supermarkets and 15% off other retailers, such as Amazon
  • Simple pricing structure, no hidden costs or complicated calculations
  • Physical and virtual Mastercard’s

In their words: “Ben is built based on a core principle: Employees can control their benefits budget to choose what matters to them, within the guardrails you set.

ThanksBen Employee discount scheme

Reward Gateway

RewardGateway is one of the biggest providers in the employee discount industry, offering discounts at over 900 retailers, plus special offers on travel and wellness services.

Why RewardGateway?

  • Discounts across a wide range of industries – not just retail
  • Employer-branded mobile app – a nice touch for your business
  • Vouchers ready-to-use in-store and online
  • Exclusive offers tailored to your business
  • Provides a wider selection of employee benefits and HR functions: such as wellbeing programs, reward and recognition tools and much more.

In their own words: As the largest employee discounts scheme provider in the world, Reward Gateway uses unmatched buying power and unbeatable savings at hundreds of retailers to help extend your employees’ income.”

Reward Gateway

Avantus Employee Benefits

Avantus (formerly Fair Care) is another leader in the market offering discounts at more than 1,600 shops and retailers, including online discounts, cashback vouchers, monthly lotto draws and competitions

Why Avantus?

  • Discounts across different industries, including: gym discounts, retail, “car zone” plus health and wellbeing benefits
  • Digital platform based on world-class Avantus technology, allowing security and ease-of-use
  • Helps staff save hundreds of pounds a year
  • Simplifies the process of delivering staff discounts
  • Provides a wider set of HR functions, including: pension and insurance management, rewards system and health & wellbeing support.

In their own words: “Fair Care Advantage is a comprehensive employee shopping discount scheme. In fact, it’s the most comprehensive scheme on the market, which really does give you and your employers an advantage!”

Avantus Employee Discount scheme

Note: Most benefits platforms offer employee discount schemes as part of their offering. So, businesses can choose whether to have a standalone discount scheme or invest in a more comprehensive benefits platform. Hooray Health & Protection advises small businesses about their options and delivers a range of FREE quotes. 

If you’ve got any questions you’d like answered, use the chat box on the right and one of our friendly consultants will be happy to help.

Edenred Savings

Edenred Savings provides a user-friendly way for your business to offer employee discounts in the UK with hundreds of retailers and a variety of other employee perks.

Why Edenred Savings?

  • Offers discounted cinema tickets, gift cards with big name retailers and much more
  • Provides savings on NI and tax
  • Includes wellbeing perks to keep your team fit and healthy
  • Updated offers and flash sales
  • Also provides employee communications, reward programmes and a raft of other benefit management tools

In their own words: “Edenred Savings also allows you to easily launch additional wellbeing perks within the same platform, including cycle to work, eyecare vouchers and salary sacrifice loan schemes.”

Edenred Savings

Staff Treats

Staff treats is an employee discount platform which promises more than 3,000 perks from over 900 brands.

Why Staff Treats?

  • A simple platform dedicated to discounts and rewards
  • Includes retailers, eateries, cinemas and other entertainment venues or products
  • Holiday, travel and technology perks are included
  • Place your brand on the Staff Treats hub, providing a personalised experience
  • Provides wider employee assistance programme (EAP) and wellbeing services

In their own words: “Our team is on a mission to provide UK SMEs with access to the same employee benefits and perks that large corporates use to engage and treat their staff.”

Staff Treats employee discount scheme


Perkbox is an all-in-one “employee experience platform” which offers all the usual discounts and offers you’d expect from an employee discount scheme plus a wider variety of HR comms and wellbeing services.

Why Perkbox?

  • Includes retail, hospitality and entertainment discounts
  • Healthcare and insurance management features
  • Wellbeing assistance including GP access
  • Surveys, polls and other ways of interacting with employees
  • Employee recognition tools and more

In their own words: The Perkbox platform brings employee benefits, wellbeing, and recognition together, helping you create the ultimate employee experience – at work and in life.”


The “gift card and vouchers superstore” provides a dedicated employee discount scheme called Everyday Benefits which can be used across 20,000 high street shops.


  • Discounts applicable to most retailers plus entertainment venues and dining experiences
  • Useable online and offline
  • Salary sacrifice options are available, enabling childcare vouchers or cycle to work schemes
  • Can be used alongside an existing benefits package

In their own words: “Using our discounted gift card load process and extensive network of retail partners, employers save employees money on shopping and leisure activities that they use week in, week out. If used regularly the savings on offer can add up to hundreds of pounds every year.”


Ask us about employee discount schemes

Looking for a standalone employee discount scheme? Or considering a wider employee benefits package? Then we can help you make the right decision. As a specialist broker we know the marketplace rather well.

Call us free and we’ll be happy to have a “no commitments” chat about what you want for your business – and how we can help.

Charlie Cousins

Founder and Director of Hooray Health & Protection, Charlie Cousins has enjoyed a career in the insurance and financial services industry spanning over the last ten years.

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