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Supporting Employees Mental Health

Supporting Employees Mental Health

Regardless of business size and industry, supporting mental health in the workplace is hugely important. It is not enough to expect employees to simply take care of their mental health struggles alone and on their own time, not when they spend so much of their time at work. It does not matter whether you have a small startup or an established company, supporting staff and their wellbeing has many benefits. These benefits are not just for the individual employee, but for the business as a whole. 

Why Supporting Employee Mental Health Is Key

A key part of supporting employee mental health is having tools and resources readily available. These should be up to date, accurate and helpful for a range of different mental health struggles. 

If an employee feels as though they need help, they should be able to rely on their workplace to offer practical help and advice. It is important to encourage employees to speak openly and candidly about mental health, regardless of whether anyone is actively struggling. Having regular discussions about mental health is a key part of beating the stigma, as it normalises mental health problems as something a lot of people deal with on a daily basis. 

A lot of employers underestimate the importance of supporting the mental health and wellbeing of their employees, even though it can have positive benefits for the business itself. By supporting employee mental health, the overall wellbeing of employees can be significantly improved. 

This leads to a boost in employee morale and engagement. When employees are happier and more relaxed at work, they are more likely to work hard and feel part of a workplace community. This helps the business on the whole, as work is completed to a higher standard and the workplace is enjoyable to be in. 

Supporting employee mental health can also help with reducing the number of sick days being taken by employees struggling with their mental health. Again, this benefits the business by reducing the chance of work being delayed by absent staff.

When a business supports employee mental health, they benefit both the individual employee and themselves in equal measure.

How Hooray Health & Protection can help

When we work with a new client, most business owners are unaware of the support services that are available for now cost with their employee benefit packages to help support their employee’s wellbeing and mental health.

Group Income Protection, Business Health Insurance and even some Employee Life Insurance policies now have ‘Employee Assistance Programs’ included in the price which have access to free unlimited telephone counselling or up to six face to face counselling sessions to help support staff.

Many insurance policies also include cognitive behavioral therapy, virtual general practitioners, wellbeing toolkits, mental health support and much more built into the cost of the policy.

Hooray Health & Protection are insurance brokers and don’t claim to be mental health experts but we know what the policies provide and can help support your staff to find the right option for them from the policies you hold.

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