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Success story #5: Hooray helps Plus Accounting get affordable health insurance for staff!

Success Story #5: Hooray Helps Plus Accounting Get Affordable Health Insurance For Staff!

“We previously worked with Hooray to help implement a Health Cash Plan programme for our team but wanted to take this a step further with a full health cover insurance.”

Victoria King, Marketing Manager, Plus Accounting

Like many growing businesses, Brighton-based accountancy firm, Plus Accounting, were looking to better protect the health and wellbeing of staff. But they wondered whether they could afford the upgrade to a more comprehensive health insurance policy both now and in the future.

Because health insurance is expensive, right? Especially with premiums increasing massively each year…

Hooray implements inflation-busting group health policy

Plus Accounting already had a Group Health Cash Plan in place – a policy that allows staff to claim back on certain medical expenses.

But now it was time to go one step further.

Victoria spoke to her Hooray account manager, Chloe Young, about the viability of setting up a private health insurance plan for staff.

Chloe had just the solution.

“As I reviewed different health insurance policies, it immediately became clear that our exclusive PPA arrangement with Freedom Health would work really well for them,” said Chloe.

“One of the key benefits is that it promises sustainable pricing. I didn’t want to put them in a policy that would give them big cost increases each year.”

Typical annual premium increases are currently running at 20 to 22 per cent, which can be a big hurdle for many smaller businesses. Hooray’s special policy, devised with Freedom Health, is designed to negate that problem.

“Over the last few years our PPA has seen zero increases for our clients on the scheme,” said Chloe. “We have been advised by Freedom there might be small increases on the horizon for some, but as part of our service when we see increases we review the policy to ensure they remain competitive and provide the most favourable value across the market.”

“The other reason we placed them in the PPA is that great service is really important to them. And we’ve worked closely with Freedom and their service is excellent, especially for local small businesses.”

Hands-on support from Chloe and the Hooray team

“Hooray Insurance provided exceptional service in helping us implement a comprehensive employee medical health cover plan,” said Victoria King, Marketing Manager, Plus Accounting.

“We previously worked with Hooray to help implement a Health Cash Plan programme for our team but wanted to take this a step further with a full health cover insurance. This investment in our team’s well-being would not have been possible without the outstanding support from Hooray, especially Account Manager Chloe Young, who patiently guided us through the entire process over several months.

“She ensured we fully understood all our options and continued to support us after implementation with customised training resources like videos and guides.

“Thanks to Hooray’s dedication, our staff now have access to valuable health benefits.”

The good people at Plus Accounting now have access to a whole host of health and wellbeing support thanks to their new health insurance policy, including:

  • Inpatient care (for treatments and services requiring an overnight stay, such as surgery, illness or traumatic injury)
  • Outpatient care (for services that don’t require an overnight stay)
  • Dental & optical care
  • Cancer treatment
  • GP consultations
  • Consultations with specialists
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Physiotherapy
  • Enhanced mental health cover
  • Discount and reward platform

Hooray continues to provide support to the Plus Accounting team whenever they need it.

“I’m always hands-on with the client throughout the onboarding,” said Chloe. “The scheme has been active for nearly a month and I’m still very closely working with them. We’ll continue to help them with claims and queries in the future.”

And, of course, Hooray will be there when it comes to reviewing and renewing the policy!

If you’re interested in arranging a health insurance policy for your UK team, then contact our friendly team of advisors at [email protected] or 01273 222805.

Seeking support for global teams? Hooray also offers an exclusive International Health Insurance policy designed for start-ups.


Mel Dixon

Mel is a freelance writer and content strategist who has written extensively on issues affecting the small business community.

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