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8 leading employee wellness apps in 2024!

8 Leading Employee Wellness Apps In 2024!

Wellness apps have become all the rage as companies seek a low cost and effective way of assisting employees with their wellbeing.

In fact, demand is so big that there are more than 350,000 health apps in the market!

To save you researching all of them, we’re introducing eight of the leading employee wellness apps and platforms available in the UK today.

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8 of the best employee wellness apps today

#1 Unmind

Unmind gives staff the tools to take control of their own mental wellbeing. Thanks to its science-backed insights, Unmind’s app can spot trends before they have become a problem, allowing employers to use data to create a personal strategy suited to the business.

Unmind’s platform is split as follows:

For leaders

  • Unmind Insights: Enabling data-led strategies and learnings
  • Unmind Managers: Providing training and learning opportunities for leaders
  • Unmind Exec: Personalised coaching for executives

For employees

  • Unmind Elevate: On-demand wellbeing support, live events with experts, wellbeing content (such as menopause education)
  • Unmind Talk: Coaching and one-to-one support, access to a global network of therapists covering 50+ languages and major time zones, over 20 therapeutic approaches including CBT.

Unmind Help:

  • Crisis / critical incident support
  • Access to 24/7 helpline
  • Legal / financial guidance

#2 YuLife

Next up we have the all-in-one employee wellness and perks platform, YuLife! YuLife acts as a wellbeing hub for your staff, focusing on rewarding simple steps towards healthier living.

The YuLife Employee App includes:

  • Wellbeing challenges
  • Virtual GP
  • Mental health support
  • Employee perks
  • Convert currency (YuCoin) for rewards, built up by walks, workouts, cycling, meditation, tree planting
  • Wellbeing Hub; in-app access to new and existing employee benefits with direct links to policies, tools and services

Note: YuLife also sell health policies through Bupa, and are in partnership with AIG for Group Life, Group Critical, Income Protection.

#3 Headspace

Headspace for Work offer a mindfulness-based mental health support tool for employees. Now with over 70+ million downloads, Headspace offer teams access to hundreds of meditations and exercises for stress, engagement, sleep, and physical health.

Headspace focus on providing expert support to employers and staff, helping teams become healthier, happier and more resilient.

Features include:

  • Full EAP replacement: mental health coaching, critical incident support, work-life services, mindfulness, sleep assistance and focus exercises are included.
  • Mental healthcare: 24/7 access, therapy and psychiatry access, content on mindfulness, sleep, focus, movement
  • Content library: guided meditations, mindfulness practices, focus music, workouts, sleep-casts
  • Tools for leaders: live workshops / webinars, manager / leadership training, communications strategy support, engagement insights

More than 4000 organisations offer Headspace to their employees.

#4 Calm

Calm offers a mixture of individual and group settings to help develop mental wellness habits and support employees. Using powerful analytics, employers also have access to Calm Partner Portal providing insights for management and analytics to support staff. Calm Business is incredibly popular, with over 3500 organisations signed up across the globe!

The Calm wellness app is all about giving staff the opportunity to learn how to take better care of themselves, and take control of their wellbeing. According to Calm, users are 3 x less likely to take a sick day?

Features include:

  • Guided meditations
  • Mindfulness programmes
  • Breathing exercises
  • Self-guided experience: staff have direct access from any device
  • Interactive discussions and workshops
  • Support and insights for leaders
  • Digital events and webinars
  • Family support, including children

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#5 PerkUp

PerkUp is a rewards and engagement platform with an emphasis on perks that boost engagement and retention. Some of PerkUp’s reward options include:

  • Team lunch gift cards
  • Life event gifts
  • Holiday gifts
  • New hire swag

Nonetheless, it does provide wellness features too which are worth exploring.

PerkUps flexible wellness tools include:

  • Fitness perks e.g., gym access and yoga classes
  • Mental health support including meditation apps and one-to-one therapy
  • Lifestyle allowances including spas, massages, live event tickets
  • Home office allowance including standing desks, wireless keyboards, ergonomic chairs

Employers can also key in major accomplishments, schedule team events, birthdays, team lunches, and major milestones through the easy-to-use management tools.

#6 Vitality Health app

It’s worth remembering that all the major health insurance providers also offer free health apps with their policies. One example is the Vitality Health app. Staff under the Vitality business health insurance plan can use the wellness app, allowing them to keep track of their health, rewards, and benefits.

The app is split into 4 easy-to-use tabs: Home, Rewards, Points, and More.

  • Rewards tracker: track progress towards lifestyle rewards including free coffee, cinema tickets, TV subscriptions, optical care and more
  • Healthy Living status tracker (via a fun points-based system)
  • Easy access to Vitality’s health plan
  • Connectivity to any device
  • Step trackers and exercise prompts

#7 Wellness 360

Wellness 360 aim to help employees stay “fit, focused and energised”. Like any good wellness provider, they take a holistic approach, reflected in their brand name. The app also helps connect employers and staff, acting like a social hub.

Some of Wellness 360’s features include:

  • Health risk assessments
  • Free health coaching
  • Biometric screening
  • Team challenges to boost teamwork and develop a fun approach to wellbeing
  • Rewards
  • Easy-to-use comms
  • Device and app integration
  • Company branding

Managers get access to real-time reporting and an executive dashboard to track engagement rates and any areas of staff wellbeing they might need to address.

#8 Myles Wellbeing

Myles Wellbeing is a holistic wellbeing app to track physical, meditative or mindful activities. It’s designed to encourage individuals in teams and organisations to become more physically active with trophies, points and challenges whilst staying interactive with peers.

The app connects with over 30 smartwatches and fitness apps, allowing staff to earn rewards for healthy habits.

Myles Wellbeing features include:

  • Encourages over 100 activities / sports
  • Amazon voucher rewards
  • Charity donations
  • Measurable engagement and impact for employers

Apps, benefits and beyond…

“You can’t just log in to a healthy mind. Employees are overwhelmed and burning out, the role of leadership is changing, and organisations are taking the hit.” –  Unmind

Employee wellness apps can be a great addition to your overall wellbeing package. They are best used as part of a wider system of workplace benefits, such as private health insurance and other protection schemes.

But don’t worry – enlisting FREE help from an independent benefits broker like Hooray Health & Protection makes the process of finding the right mix of benefits much simpler

Our friendly team will talk you through how wellbeing apps work alongside your other health and wellbeing policies, and reveal practical ways of gaining maximum value from it. We will answer any queries, no matter how simple or complex, and gather quotes from the whole UK market.

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