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“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Hooray Health & Protection are one of the only brokers who give their knowledge away for free. We’re passionate about growing the industry, not hampering it’s growth by not sharing our knowledge.

Death In Service Insurance

What Is Death in Service Insurance?

Death in service insurance is one of the most affordable employee benefits on the market,…

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Best Private Healthcare Providers In The UK

The Best Private Healthcare Providers in the UK

The landscape of the UK’s health insurance industry is constantly evolving, with providers perpetually expanding…

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Post Covid Employee Benefits

Has the way staff view employee benefits changed for good?

It seems pretty clear that the economic and political impact of Covid-19 will be felt…

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Why Choose Group Income Protection?

Why Choose Group Income Protection?

When it comes to employee benefits, there are numerous policies that are focused on covering…

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Group Critical Illness Cover

Which conditions are insured by Group Critical Illness Cover?

What is group critical illness cover? Group Critical Illness Cover is one of the most…

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10 Start Ups

10 start-ups leading the way with employee benefits

From £500 wellness bonuses to free dinners from Deliveroo, and healthcare cash plans to free…

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International Health Insurance

A guide to International Health Insurance

International health insurance can help cover the cost of private medical treatments outside of your…

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Health Cash Plan Versus Private Health Insurance

Health cash plan versus private health insurance: who wins!?

There’s more than one way of looking after the wellbeing of your team. While many…

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Start-ups Health Insurance

Can start-ups get health insurance? Yes and here’s how

Start-up businesses have long been underserved by the health and protection insurance market. Bigger businesses…

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Teamwork Commerce Success Story 2

Success story #2: Teamwork Commerce navigates UK employee benefits market!

Discover how Hooray helped a US company set up an employee benefits scheme in its…

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Employee Benefits Program

Is it time to upgrade your employee benefits program?

Have you got around to reviewing your employee benefits program yet? If you’re a small…

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employee discount schemes

7 of the best employee discount schemes you’ll find today

Everyone loves a bargain. And your hardworking employees are no exception. That’s why many companies…

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Wellbeing Program For Employees

How to create a wellbeing program for employees

Every business owner wants a happy, healthy and dependable workforce. And who’s responsible for that?…

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Voluntary Benefits

How do voluntary benefits work? And why should I offer them?

Voluntary benefits have fast become one of the most popular ways of offering employee benefits.…

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Top 10 Benefits Of Private Health Insurance Benefits

Top 10 benefits of private health insurance

We’re lucky enough to be living in one of the few countries which offers universal…

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Is A Flexible Benefit Plan A Thing

Is a flexible benefit plan a thing? Yes it is…

Flexible benefit plans are becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses who want to provide…

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