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How to support Wellbeing in the Workplace

How To Support Wellbeing In The Workplace

We are often told to look after ourselves at home to take time out to focus on our mental and physical wellbeing. It is good to ensure that you are well-rested, but there is a deeper issue that we are all ignoring. 

Wellbeing in the workplace is not something that is highly regarded, and it is often brushed under the rug. The workplace is seen as a robotic place where you get the job done and wait for the end of the day, but our wellbeing is just as important here as it is at home. 

Times are changing however, and businesses are starting to focus more on ensuring their employees are taking care of their wellbeing. We still have a long way to go but the improvement is noticeable.

What is Wellbeing in the Workplace? 

This refers to all aspects of work-life, including the quality and safety of the physical environment, the emotional impact of work on employees, and the overall environment that they are working in. Every industry is impacted by wellbeing, whether you work in an office building or on a construction site. 

An important aspect of workplace wellbeing is that it can determine the long-term effectiveness of a business. Workers that are happy, healthy, and benefit from good wellbeing will help a company to thrive and remain productive. Those with little to no workplace wellbeing will be less motivated, groggy, and can ultimately lead to the downfall of a company. 

Employees Work too Hard to Stay Afloat

83% of workers will still go into work when they feel sick because they are afraid of losing pay or being fired. Part of being human is that we all get sick, and employers who have no sympathy for this will end up with a sluggish workforce of unwell staff that are too afraid to stay home and recover. It worsens both your physical and mental health to keep doing this. 

Even worse is the fact that some workplaces still seem to have truly little sympathy for mental health conditions. It is the biggest cause of long-term absence, and a lack of compassion for these invisible illnesses is what leads to higher rates of suicide and depression. Workplace wellbeing can be improved when employers at least try to understand what their staff are going through. 

How Can Employers be Better? 

There are a few ways that employers can provide their workers with more support to improve wellbeing in the workplace. Here is a brief rundown of some of the options:

  • Offer benefits that support wellbeing. This could be things like health insurance, discounted gym memberships. Really any things that improve health and offer peace of mind to your employees.
  • Provide mental health support either inside or outside of the workplace and ensure it is not something staff are made to feel bad about.
  • Encourage healthy choices in terms of food and exercise by providing things like healthy lunches and exercise sessions 
  • Create an environment where your staff is made to feel valued for their achievements
  • Work to improve team relationships and strengthen the bonds between our staff 

What can I do?

Wellbeing is so important if you want your staff to work well and efficiently, then even the littlest changes can make all the difference.

Employee Benefits and enhancing your offering by adding things like Business Health Insurance will boost morale and help them to feel more comfortable and less stressed at work. Happy employees mean a functional and productive company, which is exactly what you want. 

Hooray Health & Protection can help implement new employee benefit plans or review any existing policies you have in place for no fee.

Charlie Cousins

Founder and Director of Hooray Health & Protection, Charlie Cousins has enjoyed a career in the insurance and financial services industry spanning over the last ten years.

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