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How can physiotherapy help your employees?

How Can Physiotherapy Help Your Employees?

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) still remain one of the biggest causes for staff absences with 40% of all UK sickness absences being down to work-related MSDs. It’s easy to think that if your staff aren’t doing any heavy lifting or physical labour, they can’t injure themselves at work or develop physical problems.

But that’s not true!

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, those tied to their desks can develop musculoskeletal problems due to poor posture and a lack of movement.

That’s why many workplaces offer physiotherapy to employees as part of their employee benefits package. This blog looks at how physiotherapy can help your staff and reveals the different ways you can deliver physio services within the company.

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What will a physiotherapist do for employees?

Physiotherapists are health specialists who specialise in addressing a wide range of aches and pains through massage, physical manipulation, heat treatment and exercise. Many physiotherapists are also trained in occupational health and ‘ergonomics’. This means they can assess and manage workplace MSDs by adjusting desk set-ups and providing advice on posture and simple exercises to correct any imbalances.

In summary, a physiotherapist can:

  • Provide a diagnosis on a range of physical aches, pains and strains
  • Help with everything from short term back pain, to knee problems and more complex conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • Provide employees with a roadmap to recovery (including posture changes, exercise routines and ongoing treatment)
  • Advise line managers on workplace set-ups and any potential hazards
  • Liaise with other healthcare professionals and family where required
  • Provide in-depth understanding of the root causes of different musculoskeletal issues

However, a physiotherapists services will vary depending on the services included in the terms of the plan. For example, if physiotherapy is included as part of a Group Health Insurance plan then you might not receive workspace set-up advice as part of the service.


What are the benefits of physiotherapy?

Investing in workplace physiotherapy comes with many benefits, both for your staff and for the success of your overall business.

Benefits of physiotherapy for employees:

  • Access to early treatment can help staff resolve problems before they become more serious
  • Early prevention and intervention will lower your staff’s chances of suffering from related issues such as: stress, poor mental health or a physical strain/injury to another part of the body
  • Greater ease of access if appointments are tailored to suit the lifestyle and working hours of each staff member – making it more likely for them to get the help they need
  • A physio may instigate an improved workplace set-up, enabling employees to feel more comfortable and more focused on the job.
  • Boosts overall health and wellbeing, raising energy levels in the process
  • Gives them the knowledge to better self-manage their conditions and awareness of lifestyle changes to help avoid problems in the future

Benefits of physiotherapy for business:

  • A cost-effective investment which improves workplace health and wellbeing
  • Can reduce sickness absences by tackling MSD’s before they become a serious problem
  • Reduces the risk of staff requiring more serious treatments which, in turn, may require more costly interventions
  • Reduces business costs required to cover employees on long-term sickness absence
  • Post-return-to-work, a physiotherapist can help ensure they make a full recovery and lower the chance of the injury recurring
  • Ensures the employer is taking a proactive role in enhancing staff wellbeing
  • It’s a relatively low-cost intervention which provides a strong return on investment
  • Can help achieve a happier, healthier and more productive team!


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3 ways to buy physiotherapy for employees

Gaining access to a physiotherapist and the services they offer can be achieved in a number of ways for businesses of any size – start-ups, SMEs and large corporations, both within the UK and globally.

There are three main ways that businesses can purchase physiotherapy for employees:

1. Included in a Business Health Cash Plan

Health Cash Plans are an overlooked form of health insurance which covers everyday health needs rather than the more serious issues covered under a standard health insurance policy. A Cash Plan includes access to physiotherapy services, often alongside osteopathy, chiropractic services, and even acupuncture! The other key benefit of Group Health Cash Plans is that they are a cheaper option for businesses compared to health insurance coverage.

2. Included with Business Health Insurance

A Business Health Insurance policy can also include physiotherapy services as an additional service, depending on the chosen provider. Plans will typically offer staff a choice of consultant, hospital, and treatments, ensuring staff have complete control over their healthcare needs. For most providers, a Group Health plan will usually already include some level of cover for access to physiotherapy experts, as well as osteopathy and chiropractic treatments. If you’re already looking to invest in a health insurance policy, it’s worth checking whether they include physiotherapy.

3. Purchased as a separate service

You can also purchase physiotherapy as a standalone service, rather than packaged with a healthcare policy. There are many ways this can be managed. For example, some big companies with large workforces will employ a dedicated on-site physiotherapist! Otherwise, you can bring in a physiotherapist on specific days or alternatively, staff can arrange sessions at the physio’s clinic.

Note, that physiotherapists are increasingly providing mobile apps as part of their service, making services easier to access for employees and managers.


Physiotherapy and beyond

Everyone works better when they are free of aches and pains. And let’s be honest, we’re all easier to be around too!

Any good workplace wellbeing strategy is designed around the idea that prevention is better than cure. Physiotherapy certainly fits within this category (though it can also help with rehabilitation  from serious injuries too).

Whether you choose to provide physiotherapy within a wider health policy or as a standalone service, it’s an important part of any company’s wellbeing strategy. However, there are many other health services, policies and products which can help employees stay on top of their game.

So, what will you prioritise?

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