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What does a typical employee benefits package look like?

employee benefits package

Planning benefits is easy when you know how, and we do. Here’s some guidance on how to put together the perfect package for your business.

Ambitious businesses typically look to engage, protect and reward their people. First think about your priorities, these often form the starting point for the first one or two benefits that businesses introduce. Ask yourself:

Group Income Protection secures a regular income for your people if they fall ill or can’t work, and they’ll know you really value what they do

In addition to covering off the basic essentials you probably want to think about offering:

Childcare vouchers

Help ease the burden of childcare costs for your staff by paying a set amount directly to their childcare provider each month. Usually run as a salary sacrifice arrangement helping both the business and the employee make National Insurance savings on salary exchanged for vouchers

Cycle to Work

A cycle to work scheme helps your team stay fit and healthy. Your staff take out an interest free loan from you to purchase the bike and spread the payments over 12 months. Through salary exchange you and your team makes National Insurance saving.

Dental Insurance

Give your staff access to a dental plan that helps remove the fear of unexpected, costly dental charge

Group Critical Illness Insurance

If one of your team is diagnosed with a critical illness they will receive a tax free lump sum. It includes cover for the conditions that people worry about most, including cancer, stroke and heart attack

Travel Insurance

Gives your staff complete piece of mind when they’re away on holiday

Discounted Shopping Portal

Offers your employees access to an exclusive website where they can take advantage of great offers and discounts, including saving money on groceries

Gym Membership

Support the team in keeping fit by paying toward their gym membership   

Health Screening

Help to spot health risks and even identify major illnesses, which can then be diagnosed and treated. Employees walk from a screen with a health improvement plan

Don’t forget the other employee benefits that you may provide:

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