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International Employee Assistance Programme

Help employees deal with whatever life and work throws at them:

Practical health & wellbeing tools for your global teams
One-to-one virtual & in-person professional support
24/7 multi-lingual access around the world
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What is an International Employee Assistance Programme? 

An International Employee Assistance Programme (iEAP) is designed to help staff handle emotional stresses and strains inside and outside of the workplace. Staff can access support through a mobile or desktop app, making services easy to reach from just about anywhere in the world.

While there are many digital tools designed to support employee wellbeing, an iEAP differs in that it also provides one-to-one support from mental health professionals.  

What’s included in a Global Employee Assistance Programme? 

Levels of support offered can vary depending on the provider, but the kind of support you can expect includes: 

  • Confidential support services (24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year)
  • Counselling services and CBT 
  • Legal support
  • Financial advice services
  • Childcare support
  • Work-life balance management tools
  • Stress support
  • Relationship support
  • Anxiety and depression support
  • Life transition tools 
  • Emotional support – for grief, trauma and loss
  • Multi-lingual capabilities
  • Global access
  • Employer support to handle critical incidents/sudden traumatic workplace incidents 
  • Data confidentiality 
  • Employer access to staff engagement statistics to measure what’s being used and how much

International EAP insightHow much do iEAPs cost? 

As always, landing on a specific price point for a healthcare product isn’t quite so simple – it ultimately depends on the size of the workforce and the features you choose to include. But to give you an idea, average costs work out between £5 and £15 per person according to the UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association.

Price points are influenced by a range of factors, including:

  • Number of employees: products are designed for different sized workforces
  • Location of employees: it’s more expensive to provide iEAPs in different parts of the world e.g., services in Scandinavia will be pricier than in India 
  • Features included: the more features, the higher the cost. 
  • Standalone/insurance add-on: iEAPs can be packaged together with a global health insurance or income protection plan. Alternatively, it can be purchased as a product in its own right.

How do you set up an International Employee Assistance Programme? 

As mentioned above, International Employee Assistance Programmes can either be included with an International Business Health Insurance plan (or other global protection plan) or purchased as a standalone product direct from an iEAP provider. 

When included as an add-on, many businesses fail to promote it to their staff. And when that happens, it goes under-used and under-appreciated. Good employee communication is a vital element of setting up any employee benefit or insurance policy! (We can help with that by the way.)

If going for a standalone product, your chosen provider will get everything set up and ready for you and your staff as quickly as possible. They will also provide all the necessary documentation and contact information for your staff. 

An independent broker like Hooray Health & Protection will help guide you through the process of buying and implementing an iEAP. If you need help setting up or reviewing a global benefits scheme, simply contact one of your friendly advisors.

International EAP statWhy buy a global EAP? 

Aside from the wealth of services that can be accessed and the fantastic support iEAPs can offer your employees, there are various reasons why a business might turn to an iEAP:

  • The multi-lingual capability provides ensures everyone is supported equally
  • Helps your staff feel more capable of dealing with whatever life and work throws at them 
  • Reduces staff absence rates by increasing their emotional resilience
  • Improves productivity by safeguarding and bolstering employees’ mental wellbeing
  • Provides consistent support to all employees wherever they are in the world
  • Streamlines support by negating the problem of setting up and managing multiple products, all with different contracts and points of contact
  • Costs of iEAPs are often lower compared to a lot of other international benefits or policies 
  • Companies with expatriate staff can increase the chances of a successful assignment by helping them better cope with culture shock

Is there a difference between international and domestic EAPs? 

Domestic Employee Assistance Programmes and their international equivalents can offer similar levels of support. But the key difference is the support given to global employees and locations.

A Global Employee Assistance Programme offers the following: 

  • A global network of counselling services enabling face-to-face sessions for staff anywhere in the world
  • Multi-lingual call centres and counselling professionals with relevant cultural knowledge
  • Multi-lingual documentation, technology, platforms and support materials 

Mental health stat EAPHow can Hooray Health & Protection help? 

Global EAPs differ in both their price-point and the breadth of services they provide. Some may have strengths in certain territories or industries. We can help you find the right solution by matching your business to an iEAP which best fits your needs. 

We’ll also address how your wider benefits package interacts with your EAP. For example, will it be worth buying a standalone version chock full of services? Or would you be better getting a more basic version as part of a health insurance product?

Hooray Health & Protection have many existing relationships with EAP providers and insurers. But, we do not have a preferred partner. Our goal is to match businesses with the best solutions in the market.  

Contact our friendly and award-winning advisors on 01273 222805 or use the booking function below for a quote or to review any current policy – all advice and guidance is given free of charge and free of contractual obligation. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Life Insurance

Does HR need to understand how the EAP works?

Yes! Your HR team need to have a full understanding of the programme and how to best direct employees when they come asking. Not only this, the HR team also need personal access to the programme in the event of something traumatic happening or if staff encounter any issues whilst on expat assignments or in their work locations. We’ll ensure you get full ‘onboarding’ assistance.

What issues will a successful Global Employee Assistance Programme help fix?

There’s a huge range of benefits that can come from investing in an iEAP, including:

Improved staff turnover rates
Higher expat assignment success rates
Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism
Boosted staff productivity

Is there a minimum number of staff for an EAP to be purchased?

There are in fact quite a few International Employee Assistance Programme providers out there that don’t need a minimum number of employees. Something to consider though: EAPs have a scaled pricing model. So, for one or two members on the programme, the cost per person is going to be a lot higher than for ten employees.

If going down the route of purchasing a Global EAP as an add-on to International Health Insurance, the minimum number of staff needed is three.

Are International Employee Assistance Programme’s confidential?

Yes, the programme is completely confidential! While they are full of useful usage stats, they are never traceable to an individual.

Who can use an international EAP?

Employee Assistance Programmes are open to all employees in the company. Many iEAPs, especially those for expats on assignments, are also open to family members and dependents.

Are International Employee Assistance Programmes accessible outside of traditional business hours?

Many Global EAPs offer counselling services, virtual GP access, and online platforms (amongst many more wellbeing tools) which are accessible 24/7 to staff. The digital and app-based nature of EAPs mean that are quite literally at your staff’s finger-tips whenever they need them.

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